A Self Assessment tax return provides HMRC with information on your earnings, tax allowances and tax reliefs.

HMRC use this information to work out whether you have paid the correct amount of tax for that year.

If a Self Assessment tax return has been issued to you it must be filled in by law.

We can handle your tax return for you, completing the form on your behalf and filing it with HMRC. Leaving you free to do something less boring instead!

Contact us on 01274 580100 or call in to our office to get the ball rolling.

Should I be in Self Assessment?

If you have been sent a notice to file a Self Assessment tax return by HMRC but think that you shouldn’t be in Self Assessment at all we may be able to take you out of it.

Still not sure? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions then you should be under Self Assessment:

Click here for the HMRC self assessment calculator.